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ESR is a triple impact research company and the #1 provider of top talent (passive) to over 50 top executive search companies in the U.S. and Scandinavia since 1997. We have conducted over 3,500 key recruitments, with a 93% hiring ratio. Our mission is to empower our clients with the best talent, in 3 weeks at a low fixed cost. We are a company of good, donating 25% of the net profit to our CSR program; Neighborhood Rescue of America, where we utilize our skillset to make an impact on a grand scale. Our goal with Headhunterinfo is to present articles from ESR´s  partners,  news from our monthly Headhunterinfo newsletter, ESR Career News and ESR Partner News. The articles presented are to assist companies in their hiring process and provide insights on human capital optimization.

Article submission guidelines

If you are one of our partners and would like to submit an article, please contact us first with your idea in the message field below. If the article has been published before, please include a link. Format is max 1500 characters, and the topic must be within our subject matters, which are designed to assist our corporate clients with on subject matters of talent acquisition & human capital optimization. Articles are to be source-based, factual with references, and may include a brief bio at the end which highlights your field of expertise and a link to your website. We reserve the right to shorten the article if necessary and we take no responsibility for facts/claims in the article presented, and you acknowledge by submitting that the article is your own original work. We further have the right to not accept submissions if we feel that they do not align with our audience, or that similar material has previously been covered in another article published at Headhunterinfo. After we receive and approve your submission below, we will send you a link for final upload to our editorial department.

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